Admin Columns Pro WooCommerce Addon 2.2

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Admin Columns Pro WooCommerce Addon

Version 2.2
License GPL
Developer Admin Columns
Released 11/22/2017

Developer offered a kick-ass add-on for WooCommerce that adds additional WooCommerce columns to your product, order and coupon overview page so that you have complete control over your online shop.

Admin Columns will not only let you instantly see important product information, it will also let you edit content directly from overview pages by adding WooCommerce columns.

Customize the Product Page with Product Columns

With the Admin Columns WooCommerce add-on, there is no need to open a product to view or edit product details like price or stock status. Developer added many columns to display additional product information.

You can customize the product overview page so that only fields that are relevant to the products you sell are displayed. For example, if your online store only sells digital items, you can remove unnecessary columns such as stock status, dimensions, and weight.

Edit Products Quicker

Update your content quickly using our Inline Edit feature. Do not waste time opening the product edit page in order to make changes. This is unnecessarily time-consuming.

Admin Columns reduces editing time considerably by allowing you to view and edit all product information directly from the product overview page. All you have to do is click on the “Inline Edit” button in order to make multiple changes to product prices, dimensions, weights, and more.

Save Time Managing Your Orders

You always want your online shop’s orders to be up to date. That is why added columns to display additional order information.

Admin Columns lets you decide which columns are displayed on your order page so that the order information that is relevant to you is easily available.

By adding useful columns to your coupon screen you can see at a glance which coupons are being used the most, who are using them and to which orders they belong. All the coupon settings can also be directly edited from the overview, saving you precious time.

Enhance your coupon screen with the following columns

WooCommerce User Columns

It can be very useful to segment your customers. We added user columns that allow you to sort by “total orders”, “coupons used” or “total sales”.

Sort & Filter Products, Orders, Coupons and Customers

Whether your store has 100 products or 100,000 products, sorting product data can make managing your online shop a lot easier. Admin Columns adds sorting functionality for almost all WooCommerce columns and by deleting columns that are not important to you, and you can filter data more effectively too.

Using Admin Columns you can see which product is out of stock at the click of a button. You can also easily find the products with the most orders and sort products from heaviest to lightest.

Increase Shop Profits

Product and order management is an essential part of running an online store, however these tasks are also boring and time-consuming.

Admin Columns significantly reduces the time you spend editing products and orders and makes the process of finding information quicker. This leaves you with a lot more time to focus on tasks that improve your store’s bottom line.

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