Drip Content 1.0.3 – Restrict Content Pro

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Drip Content

Version 1.0.3
License GPL
Developer Restrict Content Pro
Released 08/09/2017

With Drip Content Addon schedule the release of member content.

Drip Content for Restrict Content Pro lets you schedule the release of member content instead of it becoming available immediately when he or she joins. The schedules you define instruct Restrict Content Pro to release the content based on the member’s join date.

If a member tries to view the content before the schedule allows it, they see the standard restricted message that Restrict Content Pro normally shows when a member does not have access to content. Once the time period defined in the schedule has passed, the content will be visible to the member.

Let’s say you write tutorials that teach people how to play the guitar. Your lessons normally take 3 months to complete. Without drip, your members could sign up, download all the content, and cancel their subscription the next day. With drip, you can release each lesson on the schedule you want and retain your members for the full 3 months. Drip Content is a great way to retain members and increase your revenue.

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