Studiopress Design Palette Pro 1.3.21

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Studiopress Design Palette Pro

Version 1.3.21
License GPL
Developer Studiopress
Released 02/02/2017

Advanced Theme Edits Made Easy

(So easy … even a non-coder can do it.)

You purchased the Genesis Framework because you heard it was awesome, then saw so for yourself. But then you discovered that to change your “look” you’d need to write or edit some code. Scary stuff if coding’s not your thing, which it probably isn’t (which is okay). Because guess what?

If you had the skills or the desire to code your own WordPress theme, you would.

You would do it all yourself instead of buying the Genesis Framework and then picking out the best child theme for your business.

So why should you be required to write code — something you’ve indicated you cannot or don’t want to do — to take your child theme from out of the box to perfect? You shouldn’t.

And now you don’t have to.

With Studiopress Design Palette Pro makes customizing Genesis themes simple: no coding, no hassle, no problems.

Just simple point-and-click options that enable you to easily edit your Genesis child theme so that your site delivers the exact impression and experience you want it to.

Here’s what you need to know …

1. It does a ton (with no hassle)

All you have to do is install the Design Palette Pro plugin and you are ready to quickly and easily modify the look of each area of your site, including the header, navigation, content area, sidebars, and footers.

You can change colors, fonts, images, backgrounds, margins, and padding — and, again, you can do it all without writing a single line of code.

You’re just pointing, clicking, testing, and correcting until you get your site exactly how you want it.

2. Many Pro child themes are already supported

Studiopress Design Palette Pro currently works with all of the following Genesis child themes:

  • Beautiful Pro
  • Daily Dish Pro
  • eleven40 Pro
  • Executive Pro
  • Lifestyle Pro
  • Metro Pro
  • Minimum Pro
  • Modern Portfolio Pro
  • News Pro
  • Outreach Pro

And there are many more coming!

Support for all other Genesis HTML5 child themes is in development and will be automatically added to the Studiopress Design Palette Pro plugin when released.

3. It will not break any customizations in your theme

All Studiopress Design Palette Pro does is generate a custom CSS file. Thus, it does not replace any code or style inside your child theme itself.

So rest easy. You don’t have to fear losing any work you’ve already done.

4. You can preview mobile layouts

It’s a mobile world, as you know. This means that your website design needs to look as good on tablets and phones as it does on desktops.

Studiopress Design Palette Pro offers you the ability to easily switch between desktop, mobile, and tablet live previews so you can see exactly what your readers will see.

5. People like you use it and love it

Don’t take my word for it. Here’s what Andrea Whitmer of Nuts and Bolts Media had to say about Studiopress Design Palette Pro.


This is a miracle product for those who aren’t coders. I have tested this plugin extensively and it’s fantastic for people who just want an easy way to customize a Genesis child theme.

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